How to start a good writting.

30/01/2011 14:49




For some students get a writing is a difficult task and it sometimes determines the failure of them. There are students who feel real fear like “how do I start?”.


In this article we will see some suggestions on how to start an efficient and clear writing.


You can start a subject using one of these resources:

1 – Retrospective data:

“The first manifestations of human communication in the earliest ages have been translated by sounds that expressed feelings of pain, joy or surprise. Later,…”


2 – A quote:

“The subject about Economy can be analyzed (or discussed) from the lucid words from Paulo Singe when he says that …”


3 – A descriptive scene:

“The sound invades the city. Blaring horns stun the passer byes.  Towering buildings cover the gray skies of the great metropolis. Thick and menacing smoke lends São Paulo the appearance of old photographs shared by the color of time. It is a sad landscape of pollution.”


4 – A question:

“ Is Brazilian popular music really popular and really Brazilian?”


5 – A geographic data stating a fact:

“In Criciúma, South of Santa Catarina, eight thousand men live an adventure every day. The adventure of coal. They are miners, men who almost never see the sun.”

6 – Statistics:

“In that city of 310,000 inhabitants, about 90% of children attend school, which shows that the authorities’ concern on the level of education of its residents”.


7 – Narrative of an act:

“In August 1976, died the ex-president Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, whose administration was built on the monumental capital of Brazil”.


8 – The use of figurative language:

The paperboy, the son of Southern cold mornings, breaks the ice in the mornings with his sharp and plaintive voice like a minuano through the pampas”.


9 – A declarative sentence:

The contemporary artist, in a world fundamentally complex and agitated, is intended to translate as much as possible that reality.


10 – Contrasting ideas:

While the great market of fashion of great capitals display their collections of sumptuous costumes, the margins of society die of cold for lack of warm clothing”.



Evandro Carlos Braggio.

January, 2011.